Film Portfolio

A selection of film projects I have worked on over the last 18 months. Enjoy!

Deadline (2022) – 11:37

Sophie is a final year medicine student caught in the chaos of assignment season. After a spout of severe procrastination, she finds herself having to write an entire essay in the span of just one evening. As she sits typing away, her concentration becomes routinely interrupted by a serious of inconveniences which soon spiral into something much more sinister.

Lifecycle (2022) – 10:58

Lifecycle chronicles a bike’s passage through a multitude of owners – who treat it differently in accordance to their own needs and personalities. The film exists an experiment in film character and whether an object is able to fill this role through its narrative importance and perceived agency conveyed through the film’s cinematography.

Coming Home (2020) – 4:49

Shot on iPhone during the lockdown, Coming Home is a visual essay which explores a nearby woodland and the significance it holds within my childhood. The short documents the associated memories I have with the place and how they have, ultimately, shaped who am I to this day.